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          Peter van Bueren passed away

          27 March 2020

          Peter van Bueren, a prominent Dutch film critic, one of the best connoisseurs of Asian cinema, a great friend of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, who stands in the roots of our festival passed away. He not only gladly agreed to lead the first Golden Apricot Jury, but also came to Yerevan every year, not as a guest or a consultant, but as a full member of our team. He initiated the Golden Apricot festival daily and for many years until his illness worked as the editor. He passed on his knowledge and experience to young Armenian film critics who successfully continued his work. Even during his illness, he zealously monitored/watched the work of the festival and helped us with his advice from afar. Peter's death was a great loss for all of us, and we will always remember that good and kind man, our good friend with warmth.