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          Dear Journalists, The press office of GOLDEN APRICOT International Film Festival is pleased to announce the call for entries for press accreditation. The 2019 festival is scheduled for 7-14 July, in Yerevan.

          Accreditation will be given to:

          Print media journalists (newspapers, journals)
          TV and Radio journalists 
          Photographers and photojournalists
          Online journalists
          News agency correspondents
          Freelancers (to be specified), Bloggers

          Accreditation requirements: 

          A filled application form
          One passport-size photo
          An assignment letter from the editor that should include name and surname of the journalist (cameraman, photographer if needed) with agreement to publish or broadcast the festival materials
          2 articles/reports about last year’s festival (for journalists that are to cover the event for the first time, 2 articles/reports in the fields of art and culture).

          The accreditation allows:

          To receive the information provided by the Press center of the festival
          Free entrance to press conferences and all festival Press venues
          To organize interviews, meetings with preferable festival participants, guests, jury members (upon a request made in advance)

          The deadline for press accreditation is June 15, 2019.